Philip Morris Launches VEEV E-Cigarettes in Germany

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    Philip Morris International (PMI) has broadened its product range with the launch of VEEV, a new e-cigarette brand, in Germany. This initiative aligns with PMI’s commitment to fostering a smoke-free future by providing healthier alternatives for adult smokers in Germany, where the smoking rate remains high at 32%.

    VEEV Product Offerings

    VEEV is available in two models, each catering to different segments of users:

    • VEEV NOW: Targeted at newcomers transitioning from traditional cigarettes, this ready-to-use model simplifies the switch to e-cigarettes.
    • VEEV ONE: Designed for seasoned users, this model features a reusable pod system, promoting a sustainable smoking alternative.

    Recycling and Environmental Efforts

    To address environmental concerns and dissuade youth interest in e-cigarettes, PMI has initiated a comprehensive e-cigarette and pod recycling program. This program is active in all IQOS stores and over 300 retail locations across Germany, with plans for further expansion.

    Focus on Healthier Options

    Torsten Albig, Managing Director of PMI Germany, highlighted the launch’s goals: “By introducing VEEV e-cigarettes, we aim to decrease Germany’s smoking rate through innovative products and constructive engagement with policymakers.” Albig reaffirmed PMI’s commitment to a healthier, smoke-free future and to meeting the needs of adult smokers while maintaining high standards of social responsibility.

    The introduction of VEEV is a significant move by PMI to transform the tobacco industry and offer German smokers advanced alternatives to traditional cigarettes.