Philip Morris Japan 10th Anniversary IQOS Event

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    Shaped in a large-scale brand event, Philip Morris Japan recalled the tenth anniversary of the launch of its nicotine-product brand, IQOS, in Omotesando, Tokyo, at WITH HARAJUKU, on the 22nd.

    Celebrating a Decade with IQOS

    People who were more than 20 years old and smoked were eligible to participate in the two-day event designed to highlight activities for both nonsmokers and those using IQOS. By becoming a member on a designated website, participants could collect points after watching movies and from questionnaires, and then exchange them for the lottery prizes on offer.

    Four Stages of Celebration

    Planned to run from May to September, the IQOS Together X event has four different stages. The first stage, which will last until June 22, includes one of the highlight prizes: a 5-night and 7-day trip of choice to 10 winners, within the “Mediterranean Greece Ultimate Experience”. In the entire event period, 180,000 prizes will be awarded in order to appreciate IQOS users and inspire more smokers to switch from traditional cigarettes to IQOS.

    Creating a Supportive Community

    According to Hanayo Inoue, Brand Experience Deployment Manager at Philip Morris Japan, IQOS Together X creates bonding communities where users share their journey from traditional cigarettes to IQOS. She therefore added that this company is user-centric and committed to making big improvements by positively influencing experience and service quality. IQOS Together X marks not only 10 years of IQOS being in Japan, but also further shows how resiliently Philip Morris Japan is committed to implementing innovative products that would offer a supportive ecosystem to the smoking community.