Philip Morris International Surpasses Q1 Earnings Expectations

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    Philip Morris International (PMI) has announced its Q1 2024 earnings, outperforming expectations with significant growth fueled by rising demand for its smoke-free tobacco products, including heated tobacco devices and nicotine pouches.

    Performance Overview

    Earnings and Revenue

    PMI’s total revenue reached $8.79 billion, surpassing the anticipated $8.47 billion. Adjusted earnings per share were $1.50, exceeding the expected $1.41, reflecting robust financial health.

    Product Contributions

    The IQOS and ZYN lines were pivotal in this quarter’s success. IQOS sales grew by 13%, with shipments up 21%, bolstered by its expansion into 64 markets worldwide.

    Market Dynamics

    Smoke-Free Product Growth

    Sales of PMI’s smoke-free products soared by 22%, with ZYN sales in the U.S. rising by 80% year-over-year.

    Strategic Transformation

    PMI is transforming its business focus from traditional cigarettes to smoke-free products, which now constitute 39% of its total revenue.

    Geographical Insights

    Regulatory Impact

    Despite the EU’s ban on flavored heated tobacco products, PMI has seen strong sales in other regions, particularly in Japan, where IQOS sales now surpass traditional cigarette sales in Tokyo.

    Expansion in the U.S.

    PMI is poised to launch IQOS in the U.S. market in Q2, building on the success of ZYN nicotine pouches.

    Future Outlook

    Raised Forecasts

    Reflecting optimism, PMI has revised its U.S. nicotine pouch shipment forecast upwards from 520 million to 560 million cans.

    Continued Innovation

    Investment will continue in smoke-free lines like IQOS and ZYN to further PMI’s market leadership in healthier smoking alternatives.


    Philip Morris International’s impressive Q1 results demonstrate its effective adaptation to market changes and commitment to leading the shift towards non-combustible tobacco products. With strategic innovations and a focus on smoke-free alternatives, PMI is well-positioned for continued success in the evolving tobacco industry.