Philip Morris International Pushes Towards a Smoke-Free Future

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    On April 15, South Korea’s Etoday highlighted Philip Morris International’s (PMI) progress towards a “Smoke-Free Future” as detailed in its 2023 comprehensive report. This report emphasizes PMI’s shift from traditional cigarettes to non-combustion alternatives.

    Report Highlights

    • Global User Base: PMI’s non-combustion products have attracted over 33 million users globally, with IQOS users making up 28.6 million, marking a 15% increase from last year.
    • Financial Growth: Non-combustion products now represent over 50% of annual net sales in 25 countries, up from 17, with an investment of more than $12.5 billion since 2008 aimed at innovation and market competitiveness.
    • Environmental Milestones: PMI has achieved carbon neutrality in 18 manufacturing facilities and 11 markets, with sustainably sourced tobacco rising from 55% to 94% in the past year. These achievements earned PMI a “Triple A” rating from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for the fourth consecutive year and a spot on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the first time.

    CEO’s Vision

    Jacek Olczak, CEO of PMI, highlighted the company’s determination in 2023, saying, “We made significant strides towards our ‘Smoke-free Future’ vision through relentless effort.” He affirmed PMI’s commitment to overcoming new challenges with innovation and clarity.

    Future Outlook

    PMI’s efforts not only focus on reducing smoking but also on environmental sustainability, reinforcing its transformation within the tobacco industry and leadership towards a smoke-free future.