Philip Morris Accelerates ZYN Production to Alleviate Shortage

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    The recent ZYN shortage causing user frustration and how Philip Morris is accelerating expansion efforts to meet the high demand for ZYN smokeless nicotine pouches.

    On June 22, BC Bay Area reported a significant development in the world of smokeless nicotine products: Philip Morris International (PMI) announced the suspension of online sales of ZYN, a popular smokeless nicotine pouch. This decision, combined with existing purchasing difficulties, has led to a noticeable shortage of ZYN products, sparking widespread frustration among users and igniting protests on social media.

    Background on ZYN and Its Popularity

    ZYN’s Market Share and Growth

    In April, Philip Morris reported an 80% year-on-year increase in Zyn shipments, totaling 1.316 billion cans. This surge in popularity highlights Zyn’s dominance, accounting for approximately three-quarters of smokeless oral product purchases according to Tobacco Reporter.

    Why Users Prefer ZYN

    Zyn’s appeal lies in its perceived benefits over traditional smoking. Many adult smokers view Zyn as a better alternative due to its convenience, lack of smoke, and variety of flavors.

    Causes of the ZYN Shortage

    High Demand and Supply Chain Challenges

    Philip Morris has attributed the ZYN shortage to exceptionally high demand, not to regulatory or production issues. A spokesperson stated, “More and more adult smokers are choosing ZYN as a better alternative to continued smoking” .

    Speculations and Rumors

    There were speculations online about whether a fire at a Swedish Match factory in March had affected the supply. However, company representatives confirmed that the fire did not pose a risk of a shortage.

    User Reactions and Frustrations

    Social Media Protests and Viral Content

    Users have taken to social media to voice their frustrations. On TikTok, content creator Hayden Iverson coined the term “Zyndemic” to describe the shortage and mentioned rationing his ZYN usage. His video, documenting his unsuccessful attempts to find ZYN in Boca Raton, Florida, received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from others facing similar issues.

    Personal Accounts of Inconvenience

    James Perkins, CEO of a software startup, expressed his frustration: “Until they resolve the shortage, I have to use other brands. It’s not an ideal choice, but it’s the only option right now.” Many users share Perkins’ sentiment, finding it challenging to switch to alternatives that don’t meet their preferences.

    Philip Morris’ Expansion Plans

    Investment in U.S. Production

    To address the shortage, Swedish Match, the direct producer of ZYN, is investing in expanding and diversifying its U.S. production capabilities. This includes increasing the capacity of its factory in Owensboro, Kentucky, and making process adjustments to enhance production.

    Future Production Facilities

    Philip Morris also plans to build a new U.S. factory dedicated to Zyn production by 2025. These efforts aim to ensure a continuous supply of ZYN products to meet growing demand.

    Comparisons with Other Brands

    User Loyalty and Quality Concerns

    Despite the shortage, many users remain loyal to ZYN. Perkins noted, “Other brands just try to imitate ZYN and hope for good results. Many brands don’t do well. The flavor is too strong, unpleasant in the mouth, or the nicotine pouches themselves are of poor quality.” This loyalty highlights the unique position ZYN holds in the market.


    Are there any regulatory issues affecting ZYN supply?

    No, the current shortage is not due to regulatory issues but rather high demand for the product.

    How has Philip Morris responded to the ZYN shortage?

    Philip Morris and Swedish Match are investing in expanding U.S. production capabilities, including increasing capacity at the Owensboro, Kentucky factory and planning a new U.S. factory by 2025.

    Why do users prefer ZYN over other brands?

    Users prefer ZYN for its quality, flavor, and the perceived benefits over traditional smoking. Many find other brands’ nicotine pouches too strong, unpleasant, or of poor quality.

    What steps are being taken to ensure continuous ZYN supply?

    Swedish Match is making process adjustments to ramp up production, and Philip Morris is building a new factory to meet demand, with improvements expected throughout the next year.

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