Peterborough Enforces Closure on EuroFood for Illegal Tobacco

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    Peterborough Illegal Tobacco Crackdown: Closure of EuroFood

    Peterborough City Council’s Trading Standards team has initiated a severe crackdown on illegal tobacco by mandating the closure of EuroFood, a local vendor. This action, effective from April 25, 2023, to the end of July, marks the council’s first use of such enforcement to combat the illegal tobacco trade in the area.

    Background and Context of Peterborough’s Crackdown

    Following a series of successful operations, Peterborough’s Trading Standards team has been vigorously addressing the illegal tobacco market. This year alone, they have seized 35,000 illegal cigarettes and 3,500 e-cigarettes. Prior raids in August of the previous year and January of this year resulted in the confiscation of an additional 10,000 illegal cigarettes and nearly 3,000 illegal e-cigarettes from various outlets across the city.

    Significance of EuroFood’s Closure

    Joanne Smith, the head of the Consumer Protection Team at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Trading Standards, emphasized the importance of the closure order. She stated that such decisive actions are crucial for dismantling the local illegal tobacco network and serve as a strong deterrent to other potential violators in Peterborough.

    Impact of the Enforcement on the Community

    The enforcement against EuroFood not only reflects the council’s dedication to public health but also aligns with community concerns regarding the availability and consequences of illegal tobacco products. These products often bypass tax laws and fail to meet safety standards, posing serious health risks.

    Looking Forward: Ongoing Efforts in Tackling Illegal Tobacco in Peterborough

    The closure of EuroFood is a critical step in Peterborough’s ongoing efforts to cleanse the local market of illegal tobacco products. The city council, along with the Trading Standards team, continues to actively monitor and investigate businesses involved in the illegal tobacco trade, ensuring a healthier and safer community environment.


    The temporary shutdown of EuroFood is a significant move in Peterborough’s fight against illegal tobacco and e-cigarette sales. By implementing such firm measures, the council not only protects public health but also strengthens the enforcement of laws, setting a precedent for future actions against similar violations. Peterborough’s commitment to maintaining a regulated and safe market is clear, as local authorities and the community collaborate to uphold legal standards and public safety.