NYC Launches Shared E-Cigarette Program

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    New York City has launched a shared e-cigarette program, a first of its kind, in collaboration with the e-cigarette liquid brand Naked 100, as announced by Mayor Eric Adams. This innovative initiative is designed to offer both residents and tourists a convenient alternative to smoking, with the setup of over 1,700 e-cigarette stations across the city’s five boroughs.

    Program Features

    Participants can access e-cigarettes with a simple card swipe, enjoying up to 30 minutes of usage. Additional time can be purchased at a rate of 30 cents per minute. The devices can be returned to any station, making it highly accessible and convenient.

    Integration into Urban Development

    Mayor Adams emphasized that the program is part of a larger urban development strategy, which includes creating designated vaping areas to improve the cityscape and manage smoking in public spaces effectively.

    Addressing Public Concerns

    The program has sparked a mix of praise for its innovation and criticism regarding practical issues like the heaviness of the e-cigarettes and occasional e-liquid shortages. City officials have committed to monitoring the program closely and adjusting based on public feedback to ensure it meets community needs.

    This initiative marks a significant move by New York City to modernize public smoking solutions and adapt to urban lifestyle demands, aiming for a balanced approach that accommodates both smokers and non-smokers. By partnering with Naked 100 and actively engaging with the community, the city seeks to foster a controlled and enjoyable smoking environment.