New York Senate Passes Bill to Ban Sales of E-cigarettes Targeted at Children

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    In a significant move to combat the rise of youth vaping, the New York State Senate has recently passed Senate Bill S7882. This bill aims to prohibit the sale of e-cigarette products that resemble school supplies, children’s toys, or feature packaging and advertising designed to appeal to minors.

    Senate Bill S7882

    Definition and Purpose

    Senate Bill S7882, introduced by State Senator Monica Martinez, seeks to curb the marketing of e-cigarettes to children by banning products that resemble toys or school supplies. The bill targets e-cigarette products designed to appeal to minors through their packaging and advertising.

    Legislative Background

    The bill was introduced in response to the increasing prevalence of youth vaping, which has become a public health concern. The legislation has garnered bipartisan support, indicating a shared commitment to protecting children from the risks associated with e-cigarette use.

    Key Provisions

    The bill prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes that:

    • Resemble school supplies, such as markers or USB drives.
    • Feature imagery or characters appealing to children, including cartoons and movie characters.
    • Include slogans, colors, or symbols designed to attract minors.

    Restrictions on Packaging

    The bill specifically targets packaging that could be mistaken for everyday school items. This includes vibrant colors and designs that mimic popular children’s products, making them more appealing to younger audiences.

    Prohibited Imagery and Themes

    Businesses will be banned from using images of animated characters, video game icons, and toys in their marketing materials. These elements are seen as direct attempts to make vaping more attractive to children.

    Consequences for Violations

    Violators of this bill will face severe financial penalties, with fines up to $1,500 for the first offense and up to $2,500 for each subsequent offense.

    Broader Impact on Vaping Regulations

    If successful, Senate Bill S7882 could set a precedent for other states considering similar measures. It could lead to a broader national movement towards stricter vaping regulations aimed at protecting youth.


    What is Senate Bill S7882?

    Senate Bill S7882 is a legislative proposal in New York aimed at banning the sale of e-cigarettes designed to appeal to children through packaging and marketing that resemble school supplies or toys.

    Why was this bill introduced?

    The bill was introduced to address the growing concern over youth vaping and to protect children from the harmful effects of e-cigarettes by restricting marketing tactics that target them.

    What penalties do violators face?

    Violators of the bill will face fines of up to $1,500 for the first offense and up to $2,500 for each subsequent offense.

    How does the bill define products targeted at children?

    The bill defines products targeted at children as those that resemble school supplies, feature animated characters, or use colors and symbols that appeal to minors.

    What is the role of the legislative committee in this process?

    The legislative committee reviews and potentially amends the bill before it can proceed to the next stages of approval, ensuring thorough consideration of its provisions.

    What happens if the governor does not sign the bill?

    If the governor does not sign the bill, it will not become law. The governor’s approval is essential for the bill’s enactment and enforcement.