New E-Cigarette Restrictions to Take Effect in Kyrgyzstan

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    Kyrgyzstan has taken a significant step towards regulating e-cigarettes with the passage of a new bill banning their import and use. On June 26, 2024, the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan approved amendments aimed at protecting citizens, particularly young people, from the dangers associated with e-cigarettes. The bill, which has undergone rigorous discussions and readings, is now set to become law pending presidential approval.

    Overview of the New Legislation

    The bill, supported by a majority in the Supreme Council, proposes comprehensive measures to control e-cigarette use. Key components include amendments to existing laws related to public health and criminal codes.

    Key Provisions:

    • Import Ban: Prohibits the importation of e-cigarettes and related products.
    • Sales Ban: Outlaws the sale of e-cigarettes within the country.
    • Usage Restrictions: Implements strict controls on the use of e-cigarettes, especially those with special cartridges.

    Legislative Process and Parliamentary Support

    The bill received overwhelming support in the Supreme Council, passing with 73 votes in favor and only 3 against out of 85 registered members. The legislative process in Kyrgyzstan involves detailed scrutiny during the second and third readings, ensuring comprehensive evaluation and necessary amendments.

    Key Parliamentary Figures:

    • Shairbek Tashiev, Alisher Kozuev, Bekmurza Ergeshov, Aibek Matkerimov, Marlen Mamataliyev, and Isatbek kyzy Aida: Proposers of the bill.
    • MP Camila Talieva: Advocated for universal application of restrictions.
    • MP Elvira Surabaldieva: Raised concerns about the affordability of fines.
    • MP Jaloliddin Nurbaev: Suggested additional regulations near schools.
    • MP Suyunbek Omurzakov: Emphasized the bill’s goals and objectives.

    Public Health and Safety Concerns

    The primary motivation behind the bill is to safeguard young citizens from the harmful effects of e-cigarettes. By restricting access and use, the legislation aims to prevent the development of nicotine addiction and other health issues.

    Health Protection Measures:

    • Youth Protection: Specific focus on preventing e-cigarette use among young people.
    • Habit Prevention: Aims to curb the formation of harmful habits related to nicotine consumption.

    Impact on E-Cigarette Market and Users

    The new law will have a substantial impact on the e-cigarette market in Kyrgyzstan. Retailers and importers will need to cease operations, and users will have to comply with the new restrictions.

    Market Adjustments:

    • Retailers: Must halt the sale of e-cigarettes and remove existing stock.
    • Importers: Prohibited from bringing new e-cigarette products into the country.

    User Compliance:

    • Restricted Use: Users will face limitations on where and how they can use e-cigarettes.
    • Penalties: Non-compliance will result in fines and potential legal consequences.

    Implementation and Enforcement

    Once the bill receives presidential approval, it will be published in the official state gazette and come into effect on the specified date. Enforcement will involve coordination between various government agencies to ensure compliance.

    Steps to Implementation:

    • Presidential Approval: The bill must be signed by the president.
    • Official Publication: The final law will be published in the state gazette.
    • Enforcement: Government agencies will oversee the enforcement of the new regulations.


    Why did the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan pass this bill?

    The bill aims to protect young citizens from the dangers of e-cigarettes and prevent harmful habits.

    What are the main components of the new legislation?

    The legislation includes an import ban, sales ban, and usage restrictions for e-cigarettes.

    How many parliament members supported the bill?

    The bill received the support of 73 members out of 85 registered members.

    What concerns were raised during the discussions?

    Concerns included the universal application of restrictions, the affordability of fines, and the regulation of tobacco sales near schools.

    What will happen to e-cigarette retailers in Kyrgyzstan?

    Retailers will need to cease selling e-cigarettes and comply with the new regulations.