Missouri AG Probes Illegal E-Cigarette and Cannabis Sales

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    Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has initiated an investigation into the sale of illegal e-cigarettes and cannabis products, focusing on consumer safety and compliance with state laws.

    Background of the Investigation

    Trigger for the Investigation

    Prompted by recent reports, this investigation targets distributors potentially violating the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act by selling harmful products, especially to minors.

    Statement from Attorney General Andrew Bailey

    AG Bailey stressed the importance of consumer transparency regarding product contents and potential risks, highlighting recent severe health incidents affecting children.

    Focus on Delta-8 THC Products

    Incident in St. Louis County

    A critical focus is on delta-8 THC products, following an incident where six children were hospitalized after consuming THC-infused edibles.

    Legal Actions and Civil Investigative Demands

    Scope of CIDs

    Civil investigative demands have been issued to various businesses involved in selling controversial delta-8 and delta-9 THC products, along with illegal e-cigarette devices.

    Legal Basis for Investigation

    The investigation is driven by concerns over deceptive business practices and the safety of marketed products, aiming to enforce stringent consumer protection laws.

    Implications and Potential Outcomes

    Consumer Safety

    This investigation highlights Missouri’s commitment to enforcing laws that protect consumers from unsafe products and deceptive marketing practices.

    Regulatory Impact

    The outcomes may influence stricter regulatory measures and oversight of cannabis and e-cigarette products in Missouri, potentially setting a precedent for other states.


    The investigation by Missouri’s AG represents a determined effort to tackle illegal sales of e-cigarettes and cannabis products, aiming to safeguard public health and ensure market integrity. The ongoing proceedings will likely impact the regulatory approach to these products in Missouri and beyond.