Liverpool’s Historic Crackdown on Illegal E-Cigarettes

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    Liverpool’s Public Protection Team has made a historic seizure, confiscating over 3,500 illegal e-cigarettes from a local store on London Road, representing the largest single-store seizure in the city’s history and emphasizing Liverpool’s commitment to combating non-compliant tobacco products.

    Details of the Seizure

    Record-Breaking Operation

    The seizure more than triples the previous record, with a total value of approximately £42,000, reflecting Liverpool’s intensified regulatory efforts. In 2024 alone, around 18,500 illegal e-cigarettes have been seized across the city.

    Compliance Concerns

    The seized items failed to meet UK legal standards and included oversized nicotine liquid containers, raising significant safety and legal concerns.

    Public Health Implications

    Official Statement

    Matt Ashton from Liverpool’s public health department praised the operation for bolstering the city’s efforts to eliminate illegal e-cigarettes, citing the public health risks posed by unregulated products containing harmful substances.

    Consumer Advice

    Authorities urge consumers to buy e-cigarettes from reputable sources and caution non-smokers against starting. This initiative supports the availability of safer, compliant alternatives for those aiming to quit smoking.

    Enforcement and Future Actions

    Market Cleanse Efforts

    This operation is part of Liverpool City Council’s broader strategy to remove illegal e-cigarette products from the market, aiming to protect public health and ensure market compliance.

    Retailer Warnings

    The seizure serves as a serious warning to retailers about the consequences of violating legal standards, with continued strict enforcement planned to deter further illegal activities.


    The significant seizure on London Road is a testament to Liverpool’s dedication to upholding public health and regulatory standards. As the city persists in its crackdown on illegal e-cigarette sales, it highlights the importance of legal compliance to ensure a safer community.