Jordan Customs Seize 1,100 Liters of Smuggled E-Liquid

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    Jordan’s Customs Department, in collaboration with security agencies, thwarts a major smuggling attempt involving E-liquid.

    Joint Operation and Discovery

    Customs officials and security agencies uncover a scheme to smuggle E-liquid concealed within barrels labeled as sunflower oil at the Amri Border Center. Inspection reveals 66 barrels containing approximately 1,100 liters E-liquid.

    Confiscation and Legal Action

    Customs officers confiscate the entire shipment and transportation vehicles for legal proceedings. Strict legal measures are emphasized against smuggled goods bypassing health supervision and safety testing to mitigate potential risks to public health and market integrity.

    Commitment to Enforcement

    The Jordanian Customs Department reaffirms its commitment to combat smuggling through stringent customs measures, aiming to deter tax evasion and ensure fair competition in the market for consumer safety.


    The interception of 1,100 liters of smuggled E-liquid showcases proactive efforts by Jordan’s Customs Department and security agencies in combating illicit trade activities. By enforcing strict customs measures, Jordan remains steadfast in protecting public health and upholding regulatory standards.