Ispire Technology to Participate in Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

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    On April 10th, PR Newswire reported that Ispire Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: ISPR), affiliated with the e-cigarette brand Aspire, announced its participation in the upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. Scheduled for April 16th and 17th, the event will be held at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida.

    At the two-day conference, Ispire’s Co-CEO, Michael Wang, will engage with global investors to discuss emerging trends and opportunities within the e-cigarette sector. Michael Wang is also set to contribute to a panel discussion titled “Puff to Profit: How a Sneaky Product Snuck up the Demand Rankings.” This session will explore market demand trends and Ispire’s responses to industry challenges through innovation. The discussion will be broadcast live via a webcast on the Ispire Investor Relations website, allowing broader interaction with investors and industry professionals.

    Ispire, primarily known for its cannabis products, operates as an original design manufacturer (ODM) supplying vaporization hardware to other companies in the sector. While initially focusing on the US market, Ispire has recently expanded its marketing efforts to Canada and Europe, aligning with the company’s strategy for global expansion.

    Ispire’s involvement in the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is indicative of its proactive approach to positioning itself in the cannabis capital market and its strategic planning for future growth.