Ireland Issues EU RAPEX Alert Over High Nicotine Content In Two Products

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    The Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) has issued an urgent safety alert regarding the high nicotine content in two specific e-cigarette and e-liquid products. These products have been found to contain nicotine levels exceeding the legal limit, posing potential health risks to consumers. This alert has been disseminated through the European Union’s Rapid Exchange of Information System (RAPEX), a platform for alerting about dangerous non-food products.

    Product Details

    QST Puff Flex 2800 Puffs E-cigarette

    • Flavors: Red Bull, Peach Ice, Blueberry on Ice, Watermelon Ice, Mango Ice
    • Nicotine Content: 30 mg/ml (Exceeds legal limit of 20 mg/ml)

    E-liquid Refill Bottles


    • Tobaccon
    • Ben Son
    • USA Mix

    Nicotine Concentration: 24 mg/ml, with some tested at 25.4 mg/ml

    Regulatory Background

    The legal limit for nicotine content in e-cigarettes and e-liquids in the EU is 20 mg/ml or 2%. This regulation is designed to protect consumers from the harmful effects of excessive nicotine intake.

    HSE’s Actions and Recommendations

    Alerts and Notifications

    • Two alerts have been issued to the EU through RAPEX.
    • Retailers instructed to stop selling and recall the listed products.
    • Distributors and importers notified about the non-compliance.

    Consumer Advisory

    • Consumers should stop using these products immediately.
    • Products should be returned to the place of purchase.
    • Contact a General Practitioner (GP) if any discomfort is experienced.
    • Notify the HSE at

    Retailer Responsibilities

    • Remove and recall the non-compliant products.
    • Display recall notices prominently.
    • Ensure products comply with EU legislative requirements.


    What should consumers do if they have purchased the affected products?

    Consumers should stop using the products immediately and return them to the place of purchase.

    What should consumers do if they experience discomfort after using the products?

    They should contact their General Practitioner (GP) and notify the HSE at

    What are the nicotine limits for e-cigarettes and e-liquids in the EU?

    The legal limit is 20 mg/ml or 2%.