IQOS ILUMA Neon Purple Limited Edition to Launch in Slovakia

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    Philip Morris International (PMI) continues to innovate in the tobacco alternatives market with the upcoming release of the limited edition “Neon Purple” IQOS ILUMA in Slovakia.

    The IQOS ILUMA Neon Purple Limited Edition

    The IQOS ILUMA Neon Purple Limited Edition

    Launch Details

    • Release Date: June 10, 2024
    • Location: Slovakia

    Design and Inspiration

    • Color Scheme: Neon Purple and Pink
    • Design Theme: Inspired by the vibrant energy of summer
    • Recognition: Winner of the Red Dot Design Award


    When will the IQOS ILUMA Neon Purple be available in Slovakia?

    The limited edition IQOS ILUMA Neon Purple will be available in Slovakia starting June 10, 2024.

    What is unique about the Neon Purple edition?

    The Neon Purple edition features a trendy color scheme inspired by the energy of summer and has won the Red Dot Design Award for its outstanding design.

    What technology does the IQOS ILUMA use?

    IQOS ILUMA utilizes advanced heat-not-burn technology, providing a smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes.