IQOS HNB Promotion Surges Amid E-Cigarette Ban

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    As an e-cigarette ban approaches, Philip Morris International (PMI) intensifies efforts to promote IQOS heated tobacco products. Amid changing consumer preferences and regulatory shifts, PMI aims to capitalize on growing demand for smoke-free alternatives.

    PMI’s Accelerated Promotion Strategy

    John Rennie, PMI’s Commercial Operations Director for the UK and Ireland, emphasizes the importance of retailers adapting to the evolving nicotine market. With data showing declining cigarette sales and increasing IQOS adoption, PMI urges retailers to embrace innovative products like IQOS Iluma and Terea tobacco sticks to remain competitive.

    Surge in IQOS Sales

    Nielsen data reveals a significant rise in PMI’s Terea and Heets tobacco sticks sales across convenience stores and supermarkets in the UK. Over two years, convenience store sales surged by 42%, while IQOS kit sales in large supermarkets skyrocketed by 269% from September 2021 to December 2023. Meanwhile, traditional cigarette sales experienced a notable decline.

    PMI’s Market Dominance Shift

    PMI’s year-end financial report for 2023 unveils a significant milestone: IQOS surpasses Marlboro to become the company’s leading nicotine brand globally.

    Key Features of IQOS

    Rennie highlights IQOS’s appeal, citing its ability to reduce harmful chemicals by 95% compared to cigarettes. Additionally, former smokers can potentially save up to £3,000 annually by switching to IQOS.


    As PMI intensifies IQOS heated tobacco product promotion ahead of the e-cigarette ban, the tobacco market undergoes significant transformation. With IQOS surpassing traditional cigarette brands in sales and consumer favor, PMI’s strategic shift underscores increasing demand for smoke-free alternatives. As retailers adapt to evolving consumer preferences and regulatory landscapes, IQOS emerges as a pivotal player in shaping the future of the tobacco industry.