Hong Kong Seizes Illegal E-cigarettes in Major Operation

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    Hong Kong intensifies its crackdown on illegal e-cigarettes with a significant operation by the Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office. The seizure of banned items from a clothing store in Yuen Long highlights efforts to combat the underground market for alternative smoking products.

    Record Seizure Post-Ban

    • The Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office’s operation marks the largest seizure of illegal e-cigarettes since the ban on alternative smoking products in April 2022.
    • Authorities uncovered e-cigarette pods containing cannabis or narcotics during the raid, revealing the severity of the illicit trade.

    Covert Operation Initiated by Complaint

    • Reports of students vaping on campus prompted an investigation by the Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office in collaboration with the police.
    • A covert operation targeted a clothing store suspected of fraudulent sales practices related to illegal e-cigarettes.

    Uncovering Illegal Substances

    • The raid revealed a cache of e-cigarette pods with illegal substances valued at over HK$43,400.
    • Seized items included e-cigarette devices, pods, and capsules containing prohibited substances, exposing the extent of illicit activities.

    Vigilant Monitoring and Undercover Work

    • Extensive student monitoring led to the identification of the clothing store’s involvement in illegal e-cigarette sales.
    • Undercover agents posed as buyers, facilitating collaboration with law enforcement for a successful operation.

    Combatting Fraudulent Practices

    • The investigation uncovered the clothing store’s fraudulent sales practices related to illegal e-cigarettes over a year and a half.
    • Authorities took swift action to dismantle the illicit operation and prevent further distribution of banned items.


    Hong Kong’s seizure of illegal e-cigarettes reflects ongoing efforts to combat the underground market. Through proactive measures, authorities aim to protect public health and enforce regulations against prohibited substances. As enforcement continues, Hong Kong remains committed to curbing illicit activities and safeguarding citizens from the harmful effects of illegal e-cigarettes.