Guernsey Sets Strict E-Cigarette Regulations

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    On April 9th, the Health & Social Care Department (HSC) of Guernsey unveiled proposed stringent regulations on e-cigarettes, awaiting the States of Guernsey’s approval. The regulations aim to manage aspects ranging from the definition to the importation, advertising, sale, supply, and usage of e-cigarettes within the region.

    Key elements of the new legislation include a total ban on disposable e-cigarettes and a prohibition on selling any e-cigarettes to individuals under 18 years of age. These steps are in response to concerns over increased e-cigarette usage among youth. Data from the 2022 Guernsey Youth Survey revealed that 38% of secondary school students had tried e-cigarettes, with 10% using them regularly.

    Dr. Nicola Brink, the Director of Public Health in Guernsey, pointed out that while e-cigarettes are helpful as a smoking cessation tool for adults, their use among children is strongly discouraged. She criticized current marketing tactics that potentially target children with attractive packaging and flavors. The new regulations intend to clamp down on these marketing practices, particularly in stores frequented by minors.

    Additionally, the HSC plans to introduce a licensing system for e-cigarette vendors, akin to the regulations for tobacco retailers, to ensure responsible selling and adherence to the rules. However, the proposal includes certain exemptions to assist adults trying to quit smoking, such as controlled sales through specific services like the Quitline service, Les Nicolles Prison, and the Crevichon Ward at PEH.

    These proposed measures aim to reduce the visibility and accessibility of e-cigarettes to children, thus lowering their usage rates, while still supporting adults in their efforts to quit smoking. This reflects Guernsey’s dedication to public health and its proactive stance in combating the challenges of e-cigarette consumption.