Frankfurt Operation Dismantles Smuggling Network: E-Cigarettes Seized

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    The recent seizure of 10,700 smuggled e-cigarettes in Frankfurt by the Customs Investigation Office.

    On June 24, 2024, the Frankfurt Customs Investigation Office, in collaboration with the Darmstadt Public Prosecutor’s Office, executed a significant operation targeting illegal trade. This operation resulted in the seizure of a substantial quantity of smuggled goods, including 10,700 e-cigarettes that were untaxed and not approved for the German market.

    Details of the Seizure Operation

    Operation Overview

    The Frankfurt Customs Investigation Office conducted searches across five residential and commercial properties in Dreieich and Langen.

    Seized Goods

    The operation led to the confiscation of various items, including:

    • 36 pallets filled with suspected counterfeit branded clothing
    • 3 pallets of aphrodisiacs
    • Over 1,000 untaxed and suspected counterfeit cigarettes
    • Approximately 10,700 untaxed e-cigarettes

    These e-cigarettes, not approved for sale in Germany, posed potential health risks to consumers due to the lack of regulatory oversight and quality assurance.

    Financial and Asset Seizures

    In addition to the goods, assets worth over 1.6 million euros were frozen, and six vehicles were confiscated. These measures aim to dismantle the financial infrastructure supporting the smuggling network and deter future illegal activities.


    What was the main objective of the recent operation conducted by the Frankfurt Customs Investigation Office?

    The operation aimed to dismantle a smuggling network distributing untaxed and counterfeit goods, including e-cigarettes, in Germany.

    How many e-cigarettes were seized during the operation?

    Approximately 10,700 untaxed and unapproved e-cigarettes were seized.

    What other items were confiscated during the operation?

    The seizure included 36 pallets of suspected counterfeit branded clothing, 3 pallets of aphrodisiacs, over 1,000 untaxed and suspected counterfeit cigarettes, and assets worth over 1.6 million euros.