Flavorless Vape Shop Opens Amid Tax Hike Threat

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    Protest Against Regulation

    They opened a “Flavorless Vape Shop” in Northampton to draw attention to the impact of regulations on consumer choice and product diversity.

    Mocking Legislation

    At the grand opening, actor Sanju, bearing a resemblance to British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, added satire to the event. He humorously presented customers with the proposed expensive and flavorless e-cigarettes, providing a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the perceived shortcomings of the impending regulations.

    Two Options for Customers

    Inside the store, customers were presented with two options. One side offered products with fewer flavors and lower value, symbolizing potential consequences of the proposed regulations. The other side, operated by Right Vape, showcased high-quality electronic cigarette products at 2024 prices, emphasizing the contrast between current offerings and potential future restrictions.

    Unexpected Incident

    During the opening, a disgruntled member of the public mistook actor Sanju for the real Prime Minister and hurled eggs at him. This incident garnered widespread attention, with video footage circulating on platforms like TikTok and attracting millions of views. Consequently, Sanju received numerous media interview requests and coverage in prominent publications such as The Times, The Star, and The Express.

    The collaboration between Right Vape and Riot Labs, along with actor Sanju’s involvement, brought attention to the potential ramifications of proposed e-cigarette regulations in a creative and attention-grabbing manner, sparking public discourse on the issue.