E-Cigarettes Fuel Global Air Freight Market Surge

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    On this note, the global air freight industry is also experiencing an unprecedented surge driven by an exponential demand for E-cigarette products across international borders. In fact, surprisingly this dynamism in global e-commerce has, to some extent, put credence on the resilience and adaptability of this industry to grow under unusual situations.

    Air Freight Demand Soars

    Fresh data from the Xeneta freight statistics platform shows an impressive 11% year-on-year growth in demand for air freight during April, marking five months in a row of solid recovery since the beginning of 2022. This rise is mostly induced by an enormous demand for e-cigarette products, which are notably empowered by Chinese e-commerce platforms.

    Impact of E-Commerce on Air Freight

    E-commerce is one of the fastest growing products for E-cigarettes and a major factor in the global air freight market. As per the monthly report of Dimerco, the latest fact reveals that up to 50% of the total air freight volume originating from China is currently shipping e-commerce orders, mostly in small packages. These trends strongly show growing demand for E-cigarettes and other compact-type electronic devices.

    Key Export Hubs and Product Trends

    China plays a crucial part in air freight exports. Seventy per cent of shipments are emanated from Hong Kong, while 50% is emanated from Shanghai, which are mainly emanated in small packages carrying E-cigarettes and similar other products. With meagre growth in global manufacturing and export orders, the unflinching demand for E-cigarette products will continue to be the stable pillar of the air freight market.

    Future Growth Prospects

    Market analysts expect a further surge in air freight demand, more so with the expected increase in E-cigarette product orders heading into the fourth quarter. While there still remains prevalent concern over inflation and economic uncertainties, the outlook of global merchandise trade remains favorable, portending brightness for high-value goods transport, of which E-cigarettes form part.

    Shaping of Logistics Landscape

    The sustained growth in the market of E-cigarettes has been an indication not just in line with changing consumer preferences but of a reshaped path for global logistics and airfreight industries. The global airfreight market will continue to sustain its vibrancy through this main driver of e-commerce products, including E-cigarettes.