E-Cigarette Smuggling in Vietnam: 14,000 Cartridges Confiscated

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    The details of a significant smuggling bust in Vietnam, involving nearly 14,000 e-cigarette cartridges and various other contraband items.

    On June 24, 2024, the Quang Binh Provincial Public Security Economic Police Bureau, in collaboration with the Traffic Police Bureau, reported the successful interception of a large consignment of smuggled goods. This significant operation, conducted on June 22, 2024, led to the seizure of nearly 14,000 e-cigarette cartridges, among other items.

    Details of the Smuggling Operation

    The operation took place at the 635-kilometer mark of National Highway 1A in Thanh Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province. The Economic Police Bureau and Traffic Police Bureau stopped a suspicious vehicle with license plate number 89C-068.31. The car, driven by Trần Đình Tuấn, a resident of Chi Tru Village, Hop Ly Commune, Ly Nhan District, Ha Nam Province, was found carrying a variety of smuggled goods.

    Seized Items

    During the inspection, the following items were seized:

    • Nearly 14,000 e-cigarette cartridges
    • Mini karaoke speakers
    • Desk lamps
    • Various types of shoes

    These items, all foreign-made, lacked invoices or documentation to verify their legal origin. The estimated total value of the seized goods is approximately 200 million VND (about $784).


    What items were seized in the Quang Binh smuggling bust?

    Nearly 14,000 e-cigarette cartridges, mini karaoke speakers, desk lamps, and various types of shoes were seized.

    What is the estimated value of the seized goods?

    The estimated total value of the seized goods is about 200 million VND (approximately $784).

    How did the authorities identify the smuggling operation?

    The Economic Police Bureau and Traffic Police Bureau conducted a coordinated operation, stopping a suspicious vehicle and discovering the smuggled goods during an administrative inspection.