E-cigarette Regulation Urged in Morocco

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    Morocco is at a pivotal moment as e-cigarettes become increasingly popular among its youth, creating substantial public health concerns. The lack of robust e-cigarette regulation is alarming public health officials and lawmakers who are witnessing the potential health risks these products pose to adolescents. This scenario underscores the urgent need for comprehensive e-cigarette regulations in Morocco.

    Advocacy for E-cigarette Regulation by Abdul-Wahid Ziyat

    Abdul-Wahid Ziyat, leader of the Moroccan Youth Civil Alliance Network, champions the cause for stricter e-cigarette regulation. Highlighting the economic gains from tobacco taxes, Ziyat argues that e-cigarette companies should similarly contribute to national health initiatives. His call to action seeks to extend existing regulations to encompass the rapidly growing e-cigarette sector to cover health costs from smoking-related illnesses.

    Parliamentary Moves for E-cigarette Regulation

    Younes Achn, a prominent member of the Democratic and Modernity Party, voices deep concerns in parliament regarding the impact of unregulated e-cigarette use among youth. He is pushing for urgent modifications to Moroccan Law No. 15.91 to encompass stricter e-cigarette regulations and tougher penalties for their public use and promotion, signaling a legislative shift towards tighter e-cigarette control.

    Government Hesitation and the Need for E-cigarette Strategy

    Despite the escalating concern, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection’s response to the e-cigarette issue remains tepid, with no concrete plans revealed. The absence of a dedicated e-cigarette strategy highlights a critical gap in Morocco’s public health policy, emphasizing the necessity for immediate and coordinated regulatory action to address the challenges posed by e-cigarettes.

    Path Forward for E-cigarette Regulation in Morocco

    As e-cigarette usage among Moroccan youth continues to rise, the call for implementing stringent regulatory measures has never been more urgent. Stakeholders across various sectors are urged to collaborate on enforcing comprehensive e-cigarette regulations, including stricter penalties and robust public awareness campaigns, to mitigate the health risks associated with vaping and align Morocco with global e-cigarette regulatory standards.