Dubai’s Crackdown on Non-Compliant E-Cigarettes

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    Dubai’s Planning and Development Department, in collaboration with the Dubai Municipality, conducted a targeted inspection at Dragon Mart during Ramadan.

    Inspection Operation at Dragon Mart

    Led by Trakhees and the Dubai Municipality, the inspection focused on e-cigarette products to ensure compliance with registration and certification requirements during Ramadan.

    Uncovering Violations

    The inspection revealed 11 violations, including non-compliant or expired products, and uncovered shops operating without permits. 1555 non-compliant items were confiscated immediately.

    Commitment to Consumer Protection

    Abdulla Balhoul, CEO of the Planning and Development Department, emphasized the importance of such inspections in protecting consumer rights and service quality.

    Regulatory Duties and Continuous Inspections

    Dr. Naseem Mohammad Rafi, Director of the Health and Safety Department of the Dubai Municipality, affirmed the municipality’s commitment to regulatory duties and continuous inspections to uphold health and safety standards.

    Call for Compliance and Education

    Authorities urged merchants to adhere strictly to health and safety standards and educate themselves on product specifications. Compliance is crucial for consumer safety and marketplace integrity.