Customs Seizes 70,000 E-Cigarettes in Malaysia

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    Malaysia’s Johor Customs recently made a significant bust, seizing electronic cigarettes and e-liquids worth nearly RM 1 million. After two weeks of undercover work, a smuggling syndicate’s illicit activities were uncovered.

    Overview of the Raid

    Johor Customs, with maritime units, raided an unmanned warehouse in Kuala Lumpur’s Ampang Industrial Area on May 27th. This raid followed a two-week undercover operation targeting illicit activities.

    Quantity and Value of Seized Goods

    Authorities seized 70,000 electronic cigarettes and e-liquids worth approximately RM 805,200. The estimated tax evasion totaled RM 166,742.

    Press Conference Disclosure

    Director Aminu of Johor Customs revealed details of the raid at a press conference. Held at the Customs office, Aminu discussed the seized items and ongoing investigation into the smuggling syndicate.

    Investigation and Alleged Syndicate

    The seized goods were likely destined for Kuala Lumpur’s market. Investigators are probing warehouses in industrial areas for links to the smuggling syndicate.

    Legal Ramifications

    Investigations are under Section 135(1)(d) of Customs Act 1967, which can lead to hefty fines. Penalties may include a fine of not less than 10 times the confiscated items’ value or RM 100,000.