Curaleaf Launches Fruit-Flavored Cannabis E-Cigarette

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    Curaleaf, a North American cannabis company, has unveiled a new addition to its Select brand product line: the Select Fruit Stiq. This fruit-flavored cannabis oil e-cigarette is designed to cater to flavor-conscious consumers seeking a high-quality and enjoyable smoking experience.

    Overview of Select Fruit Stiq

    What is Select Fruit Stiq

    Select Fruit Stiq is a rechargeable cannabis oil e-cigarette that delivers bold fruit flavors, including berry, citrus, and tropical blends. It is designed to provide users with a premium smoking experience, featuring an auto-draw function, a rechargeable USB-C port, and a visible oil window.

    Flavors Available

    The Select Fruit Stiq comes in six distinct flavors:

    • Sweet Strawberry
    • Blackberry Burst
    • Lemon Sunset
    • Lemon Lime
    • Cool Watermelon
    • Fruity Guava

    Key Features of Select Fruit Stiq

    Auto-Draw Function

    The auto-draw function allows for a smooth and effortless vaping experience, eliminating the need for buttons or switches. Users simply inhale to activate the device, making it user-friendly and convenient.

    Rechargeable USB-C Port

    The inclusion of a USB-C port ensures quick and easy recharging of the Select Fruit Stiq. This modern charging solution adds to the convenience and sustainability of the product, allowing users to enjoy their e-cigarette without frequent interruptions.

    Visible Oil Window

    The visible oil window lets users monitor the oil level, ensuring they can keep track of their usage and know when it’s time for a refill. This feature enhances the overall user experience by providing transparency and ease of use.

    Curaleaf’s Market Presence

    Operations in North America and Europe

    Curaleaf operates extensively across North America and Europe. In the United States, the company is active in 17 states, managing 145 dispensaries and 18 cultivation sites. Curaleaf employs over 5,600 people, making it one of the largest cannabis companies in the region.

    Product Line

    Curaleaf’s product line includes several well-known brands such as Curaleaf, Select, and Grassroots.

    Meeting Market Demand

    Consumer Preferences

    The launch of Select Fruit Stiq aims to satisfy the growing market demand for enhanced e-cigarette products. With a focus on bold, fruit-flavored options, Curaleaf is targeting consumers who prioritize flavor and quality in their vaping experience.

    Convenient Design

    The compact and sleek design of Select Fruit Stiq makes it a convenient alternative to traditional vape pens. Its portability and ease of use are key factors in attracting modern consumers who seek both style and functionality in their cannabis products.

    Benefits of Fruit-Flavored Cannabis E-Cigarettes

    Enhanced Flavor Experience

    Fruit-flavored cannabis e-cigarettes offer a more enjoyable and varied smoking experience. The rich and bold flavors can enhance the overall satisfaction for users, making vaping a more pleasurable activity.

    High-Quality Ingredients

    Curaleaf ensures that the cannabis oil used in Select Fruit Stiq is of the highest quality, providing a smooth and consistent experience.


    What is the Select Fruit Stiq?

    The Select Fruit Stiq is a fruit-flavored cannabis oil e-cigarette designed by Curaleaf, featuring bold flavors, an auto-draw function, and a rechargeable USB-C port.

    How many flavors are available for Select Fruit Stiq?

    There are six flavors available: Sweet Strawberry, Blackberry Burst, Lemon Sunset, Lemon Lime, Cool Watermelon, and Fruity Guava

    What makes Select Fruit Stiq convenient to use?

    The Select Fruit Stiq features an auto-draw function, a rechargeable USB-C port, and a visible oil window, making it user-friendly and convenient for consumers.

    Where does Curaleaf operate?

    Curaleaf operates in 17 states in the United States, with 145 dispensaries and 18 cultivation sites. The company also has a presence in the European market.

    What other brands does Curaleaf offer?

    Curaleaf’s product line includes brands such as Curaleaf, Select, and Grassroots.

    Why choose fruit-flavored cannabis e-cigarettes?

    Fruit-flavored cannabis e-cigarettes offer an enhanced flavor experience, making vaping more enjoyable. They cater to consumers who prioritize taste and quality in their smoking experience.