Colombian court accepts e-cigarette company lawsuit

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    Background of the Lawsuit

    Red PaPaz, a nonprofit organization, initiates legal action against the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and several e-cigarette brands and importers, citing environmental concerns and public health risks.

    Defendants in the Lawsuit

    The lawsuit targets prominent entities such as British American Tobacco, Inversiones Glu Cloud, Relx Latam, Import Skydrive, and Colombia Trade House, alongside the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

    Objectives of the Lawsuit

    Red PaPaz aims to compel the government to enforce stringent waste management measures on e-cigarette importers and prohibit the importation of disposable e-cigarettes to mitigate environmental harm.

    Potential Consequences for Defendants

    Should the defendants lose, they may be required to adhere to court directives, compensate for public and environmental damages, cover litigation expenses.

    Public Health Concerns and Advocacy

    Red PaPaz underscores the detrimental impact of e-cigarettes on vulnerable populations and the environment, advocating for corporate accountability and regulatory intervention.