Canada Expands Nicotine Pouch Recall: Ensuring Consumer Safety

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    Health Canada has issued a significant recall notice involving nicotine pouch products from the XQS brand on June 13, 2024. The recall targets products lacking sales authorization for the Canadian market, mirroring the earlier recall of ZYN products.

    Reasons for the Recall

    The primary reason behind the recall of XQS nicotine pouches is the absence of Canadian sales authorization. Unauthorized health products can pose significant risks to consumers, including unknown health effects, inconsistent quality, and lack of proper labeling. Health Canada has emphasized that the sale of any health product not authorized for the market is illegal and strictly regulated to ensure consumer safety.

    Details of the Recalled Products

    The recalled nicotine pouches from the XQS brand include the following flavors and strengths:

    • Blueberry Mint: 4 mg and 6 mg
    • Fizzy Cola: 4 mg and 6 mg
    • Green Mint: 4 mg and 6 mg
    • Tropical: 4 mg and 6 mg

    These products have been identified as lacking the necessary authorization for sale in Canada, prompting Health Canada to take swift action to remove them from the market.

    Consumer and Merchant

    Check Inventory

    Merchants should immediately check their inventory for any of the affected XQS nicotine pouch products. Consumers should also verify if they possess any of the recalled items.

    Stop Sales

    Merchants must cease selling these unauthorized nicotine pouch products without delay. Continuing to sell recalled products is illegal and could result in severe penalties.

    Consult Professionals

    Consumers who are using the affected products should consult healthcare professionals before stopping use. Professional advice is crucial to manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms and receive appropriate health guidance.

    Contact Recall Company

    Merchants and consumers with questions or concerns should contact Globe 11 Import Export Inc., the company responsible for the recall. This will ensure they receive accurate instructions on returning or disposing of the products.

    Report Issues

    Any adverse effects or safety concerns related to the use of these products should be reported to Health Canada.

    Understanding the Risks of Unauthorized Products

    Unauthorized health products can pose various risks, including:

    • Unknown Health Effects: Without proper testing and authorization, the health effects of these products are not well-documented.
    • Inconsistent Quality: Unauthorized products may have inconsistent quality, potentially leading to variations in nicotine content and other ingredients.
    • Lack of Proper Labeling: Accurate labeling is crucial for informing consumers about the correct usage, potential risks, and ingredients of health products. Unauthorized products may lack this essential information.

    Comparison to Previous ZYN Recall

    This recall of XQS nicotine pouches is consistent with Health Canada’s previous actions, such as the recall of ZYN products for similar reasons. The regulatory body is committed to enforcing stringent measures to protect consumers from the risks associated with unauthorized health products.


    What products are included in the XQS nicotine pouch recall?

    The recall includes XQS nicotine pouches in 4 mg and 6 mg strengths, with flavors such as Blueberry Mint, Fizzy Cola, Green Mint, and Tropical.

    Why were the XQS nicotine pouches recalled?

    The products were recalled due to a lack of Canadian sales authorization, making their sale illegal and potentially unsafe for consumers.

    What should merchants do if they have the recalled products in their inventory?

    Merchants should immediately stop selling the recalled products and contact Globe 11 Import Export Inc. for further instructions on how to proceed.

    What steps should consumers take if they have used the recalled products?

    Consumers should consult healthcare professionals for advice before stopping the use of the recalled products to manage any potential nicotine withdrawal symptoms.