Brazil’s Landmark E-Cigarette Legislation Discussion

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    Brazil prepares for a pivotal joint public hearing to deliberate on Bill 5.008/2023 concerning e-cigarettes, organized by the Committee on Economic Affairs (CAE), the Committee on Social Affairs (CAS), and the Committee on Transparency, Oversight, and Control (CTFC), with significant implications for e-cigarette regulation.

    Overview of the Hearing

    The hearing aims to comprehensively examine facets of e-cigarette regulation, including health impacts, market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, international precedents, and public education.

    Senator Soraya Thronicke’s Proposal

    Senator Soraya Thronicke underscores the need for a structured regulatory framework to curb e-cigarette proliferation and combat illicit markets.

    Focus Areas of the Hearing

    Key areas of discussion include assessing health impacts, evaluating market dynamics, formulating regulatory mechanisms, drawing insights from global experiences, and devising effective public awareness campaigns.

    Invited Experts and Representatives

    A diverse array of experts and stakeholders have been invited to ensure a comprehensive discourse.

    Key Invitees

    • Mônica Andreis (ACT Health Promotion Organization)
    • Alessandra Bastos Soares (Former Director of Anvisa)
    • Alexandro Lucian (Tobacco Harm Reduction Information Center)
    • Dirceu Barbano (Former President of Anvisa)
    • Jorge Alberto Costa e Silva (Former President of the World Psychiatric Association)
    • Lauro Anhezini Junior (Brazilian Tobacco Industry Association)
    • Ingrid Dragan Taricano (Toxicology Expert)
    • Roberto Gil (National Cancer Institute)
    • José Hiran Gallo (Federal Medical Council)
    • Glória Maria de Oliveira Latuf (Anvisa)
    • Paulo César Corrêa (Brazilian Society of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis)
    • Stella Regina Martins (Heart Institute of São Paulo Clinical Hospital)
    • Guilherme Athayde Ribeiro Franco (Minister of Justice)
    • Élida Graziane Pinto (Prosecutor)
    • Jaqueline Scholz (Tobacco Addiction Treatment Expert)

    Significance of the Hearing

    This landmark hearing aims to establish a scientifically grounded foundation for e-cigarette legislation in Brazil, potentially leading to legalization under stringent regulatory frameworks.