Ban Flavored HNB: Poland Launches Public Consultation

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    On May 16th, Poland’s Ministry of Health introduced a draft amendment to the Health Protection Act, signaling its intent to prohibit the sale of flavored heated tobacco products.

    Proposed Ban on Flavored Heated Tobacco

    The draft amendment categorizes heated tobacco products as those emitting gases containing nicotine and other chemicals for inhalation through heating. Notably, the proposed regulation aims to prohibit the sale of all flavored heated tobacco products, aligning with the EU directive of June 29, 2022, and targeting youth smoking.

    Impact on Smoking Behavior

    Statistics indicate that 1.5% of adults in Poland currently use heated tobacco products. The ban on flavored variants is expected to reduce their consumption, especially among young individuals. Previous bans on flavored cigarettes and rolling tobacco led to some smokers quitting (11.6%), while others switched to heated tobacco products or e-cigarettes, particularly among the younger demographic.

    Public Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement

    With flavored tobacco products comprising about 80% of the market, the Ministry of Health has initiated a 30-day public consultation period to gather feedback from diverse segments of society. This inclusive approach aims to solicit opinions and suggestions from stakeholders across various sectors, ensuring comprehensive deliberation on the proposed regulations.

    Anticipated Impact on National Budget

    Despite surging sales of heated tobacco products across the EU, tobacco consumption rates in Poland have remained stable. However, the proposed ban is estimated to reduce national budget revenues by approximately 68.3 million złoty (approximately $17.33 million) annually.


    As Poland enters the public consultation phase for the proposed ban on flavored heated tobacco products, stakeholders have an opportunity to contribute their insights and perspectives on this crucial public health initiative. By addressing concerns related to youth smoking and adhering to EU directives, the draft amendment demonstrates Poland’s commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles and reducing the prevalence of tobacco-related harms.