Austria Issues Warning Over Two CBD E-cigarettes with Excessive Oil Content

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    On June 17, 2024, the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) issued a critical product warning concerning two CBD vape cartridges. The products in question are “CBD CARTRIDGE, Bedtime” and “CBD CARTRIDGE, Energize,” manufactured by Euphoria. These products are flagged due to their excessively high oil content, posing significant health risks to consumers.

    Details of the Recalled Products

    CBD CARTRIDGE, Bedtime

    • Oil Content: 37.3%
    • Health Risk: Inhalation of this product could allow the oil to enter the lungs, leading to severe respiratory diseases.
    • Consumer Advisory: Strongly advised not to use.

    CBD CARTRIDGE, Energize

    • Oil Content: 39.8%
    • Health Risk: Inhaling the oil in this product could also lead to severe respiratory diseases.
    • Consumer Advisory: Strongly advised not to use.

    Manufacturer Background

    Euphoria, headquartered in the Czech Republic, is one of Europe’s largest producers of edible cannabis products and a global supplier of cannabis-related items. Despite its prominence, the high oil content in these specific vape cartridges has led to this significant health warning.

    Health Risks Associated with High Oil Content

    AGES has highlighted that the excessive oil content in these products is the primary cause of the health risk. When inhaled, the oil can enter the lungs, potentially leading to severe respiratory issues, including lipoid pneumonia, a condition caused by fat particles entering the lungs.

    Immediate Consumer Actions

    Consumers who possess these products are strongly advised to:

    • Stop Using Them Immediately: Continued use poses a severe risk to respiratory health.
    • Proper Disposal: Follow proper disposal procedures to ensure safety.
    • Return to Point of Sale: If possible, return the products to the place of purchase.

    Further Steps and Precautions

    If any symptoms of respiratory distress occur, such as coughing, difficulty breathing, or chest pain, consumers should seek medical advice promptly. Informing healthcare providers about the use of these CBD cartridges is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

    AGES encourages consumers to stay informed about the products they use, particularly those involving inhalation. Understanding the ingredients and potential health risks is vital for safe usage. Always verify the safety and compliance of such products through reliable sources and regulatory bodies.

    Regulatory Measures and Industry Impact

    This warning by AGES underscores the need for stricter quality control measures in the production of CBD and other vape products. Manufacturers must ensure that their products meet health and safety standards to protect consumers from potential risks.

    Manufacturers like Euphoria are urged to review and improve their production processes to prevent similar issues in the future.


    What products are included in the AGES warning?

    The warning includes “CBD CARTRIDGE, Bedtime” and “CBD CARTRIDGE, Energize,” manufactured by Euphoria.

    Why are these products considered a health risk?

    The high oil content (37.3% in Bedtime and 39.8% in Energize) poses a risk of severe respiratory diseases when inhaled.

    What should consumers do if they have these products?

    Consumers are strongly advised to stop using these products immediately, follow proper disposal procedures, or return them to the point of sale.

    Who manufactures these CBD cartridges?

    The cartridges are manufactured by Euphoria, a prominent producer of edible cannabis products based in the Czech Republic.

    What health issues can result from inhaling high oil content in vape cartridges?

    Inhaling high oil content can lead to serious respiratory issues, including lipoid pneumonia, caused by fat particles entering the lungs.