Argentina Intercepts 3,000 Smuggled E-cigarettes

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    On April 11, 2024, Argentine authorities achieved a significant breakthrough in anti-smuggling efforts on National Highway 14 in the Santo Tomé area. During a routine vehicle inspection, officers from the “Cuay Grande” checkpoint, operating under the 57th Squadron “Santo Tomé” of the National Gendarmerie, discovered a large cache of contraband. Hidden within eight mail packages inside a mail transport vehicle, they found 2,840 e-cigarettes and 100 mobile phones that had not been properly declared, indicating illegal entry.

    This discovery is a stark violation of national customs regulations as outlined in Customs Law (Ley 22.415), prompting immediate legal action. The incident highlights the ongoing challenge of illegal smuggling and its implications for national economic security and market stability.

    The successful interception underscores the effectiveness and vigilance of the National Gendarmerie in combating such illegal activities. It also serves as a critical reminder to the public about the dangers of smuggling, not only in disrupting market order but also in compromising consumer safety. The National Gendarmerie has reiterated its commitment to reinforcing patrols and supervision to curb all forms of illegal smuggling activities.