ADALYA Disposable E-cigarettes Recalled: Excessive Nicotine Content

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    On June 7, the French Consumer Affairs Department announced the recall of ADALYA brand disposable e-cigarettes, specifically the PUFF ADALYA AD 10000 model. This recall is due to significant safety hazards, including excessively high nicotine content and the absence of essential safety features.

    Reasons for the Recall

    The primary issue with the PUFF ADALYA AD 10000 is its nicotine content, which reaches 50 milligrams per milliliter. This level far exceeds the legal limit in France, posing significant health risks to consumers.

    In addition to the high nicotine content, the product lacks necessary safety features. These missing features increase the risk of misuse and potential harm to users.

    Affected Products and Batch Information


    The recall covers a variety of flavors, including:

    • LOVE
    • HAWAI

    Batch Number

    The specific batch being recalled is BT24017A. The product packaging consists of a paper box containing one e-cigarette per box.

    Sales Period

    The affected products were sold starting from February 10, 2024, and sales were halted on May 24, 2024.


    These e-cigarettes were sold in the Saint-Ouen region by the Narguistore company.

    Consumer Advisory and Refund Process

    Consumers who have purchased the PUFF ADALYA AD 10000 are advised to stop using the product immediately. If they find the nicotine content too high or encounter any safety issues, they should return the product to the point of sale.

    Upon returning the product, consumers will receive a full refund. This recall procedure began on June 7, 2024, and will continue until August 8, 2024.

    Consumer Safety Recommendations

    Consumers are advised to check product labels for nicotine content and safety features before purchase. Understanding the legal limits and ensuring compliance can prevent health risks.

    French Consumer Affairs Department

    The department emphasized the critical nature of this recall, urging consumers to comply with the recall instructions and prioritize their health and safety.

    Narguistore Company

    Narguistore has assured full cooperation with the recall process, providing refunds and addressing consumer concerns regarding the affected products.


    What is the reason for the recall of ADALYA PUFF AD 10000?

    The recall is due to the excessively high nicotine content of 50 milligrams per milliliter, which exceeds the French legal limit, and the lack of necessary safety features.

    Which flavors are affected by the recall?

    The affected flavors include LOVE, HAWAI, AFRICAN CRUSH, COLA DRAGON, and LADY KILLER.

    What should consumers do if they have purchased the recalled product?

    Consumers should stop using the product immediately and return it to the point of sale for a full refund.

    How long will the recall procedure last?

    The recall procedure began on June 7, 2024, and will continue until August 8, 2024.

    Where were the recalled products sold?

    The products were sold in the Saint-Ouen region by the Narguistore company.

    What are the health risks associated with the recalled e-cigarettes?

    The excessive nicotine content poses a risk of nicotine overdose, which can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, and dizziness.